A Solution For Worn Out Pipes

The piping infrastructure is an essential part of every home. It is also one source of the many housing problems you could potentially face as a homeowner. Over time, one of the problems that can be found in your plumbing system is worn out pipes. Fortunately for you, there is a solution that does not involve an intensive dig-up and a replacement of the pipelines entirely.

Pipe relining is a method for repairing your worn out pipes by using a special resin that will cure them from the inside. When the resin hardens, it forms another pipe within the damaged pipe. In some cases, the result is stronger than the original pipe. Pipe relining involves minimal to no digging. As a result, this process is more cost-effective than the traditional dig-up and replace process.

How does the process go?

  1. Your local plumbers will examine the extent of the damage on the original pipes using special equipment for closer inspection and better solution designs.
  2. After inspection, your plumbers will clear your blocked pipes. They will use robotic cutters to remove large blockages and a high pressure water jet to ensure that the pipe walls have a good surface for the resin to set.
  3. Your plumbers will perform a final check after the cleanup to ensure that the pipes are ready for relining.
  4. Based on the length of the pipes and the extent of the damage found in the initial examination, your plumbers will determine the length of the lining.
  5. Your plumbers will fill the entire length of your pipes with resin.
  6. The curing process is the longest step. To accelerate the process, you can use hot water.
  7. Your plumbers will remove junctions using robotic cutters and cut inspection pits using grinders or any surface level cutters.
  8. Your plumbers will perform a final inspection to ensure that the problem has been fixed.

Is relining always the best solution?

Even though pipe relining will work in most cases, it has its limitations. First, relining is not always possible for smaller pipes because the resin will need some space to harden. Relining is also very tricky to do if you have broken pipe components because it is unable to create a new outer surface. In addition to this, using resin to handle joints and bends is difficult. You can consult with your local plumber regarding whether or not relining is the best solution for your piping problems.

If your piping system is suitable for relining, you also have the many benefits that come along with it. With little to no dig-up, there is minimal disruption on the surface ensuring that your home here in Hills District remain unbothered and free from landscaping problems. Relining is also a much faster process compared to a dig-up and laying out new pipes. Aside from this, relining gives a more durable result. Having the additional resin pipe within the old pipe strengthens the piping system, eliminating its weak points.

Naturally, the results depend greatly on the relining service that you hire. You can reach out to your local plumbers in Hills District for the best services.

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