The Damage Caused By A Burst Water Pipe

A burst pipe is one of the many plumbing emergencies you could face as a homeowner. Not only will you end up wasting a lot of water, a burst water pipe can seriously damage your home. Water that leaks continuously through your walls, floor and ceiling will need to be addressed immediately, otherwise they could cause severe structural damage. With a burst water pipe, not only will you need to repair your plumbing system, but you will also be faced with all kinds of damage around your home that requires attending to.

How badly can a burst pipe damage your home?

  1. Structural integrity: When water leaks into your walls, it can damage your plaster and drywall. Water can also cause damage to the structural materials around your home. Your wooden support beams could rot and steel brackets could rust. Repairing such damage can be very costly. Unfortunately, the water seeping through your walls may go unnoticed for some time.
  2. Mold: Damp areas are the ideal environment for the growth of mold. It is not an easy task to get rid of mold, as they may be present inside your walls, floor, and air ducts. Air conditioning and heating cycles does not help this problem, as they could cause the mold to move through the air, affecting air quality and spreading them to other areas around your home.
  3. Wiring: It is pretty common knowledge that wiring should not be in contact with water. Such an occurrence will lead to short circuits, problems with appliances, and the risk of a fire. Water damage to your wiring and insulation is irreparable, so you will need to have them completely replaced.

Having a regular inspection and maintenance of your water pipes will lower the chances of them bursting. Reach out to Hills District Plumbers to inspect your plumbing system and help you with the prevention of a burst pipe.

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